Know About LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) and Plan Features

 What is LIC

 LIC Full Forum IS Life Insurance of India It was passed by the Parliament of India on 19 June 1956.  Life insurance corporation was formed by passing insurance act.  The license was created after merging 245 compnies in 1 september 1956.  Lic's Tag line with life, even after life.  The main headquater of Lic is in Mumbai.  Today, 8 zonal offices, 113 divisional offices, 248 branches and 1408 satelite office Lic have become a big network in the country today.  Talking about lic, in this part time, full time and invidual agent who are working friends, more than 15 lack people are working for lic today.  Today, in the form of Lic insurance, I am not working in any other sector.  Such as lic is working in life insurance, health inaurance, investment, mutual fund etc.  lic card funds.

 What is Malhotra comety The insurance sector was closed in 1990. RN Malhotra was appointed to reform companies in 1993. The commetie was created after RN Malhotra was appointed.  After the sujaav given by Malhotra commeti, there was a big change.  After the recommendation of Malhotra comety, permission was given to privet companies in insurance sector.  er da was produced.  The fourm company was allowed to insure in India.  erda was created to control the insurance company.  Irda was built in 1999.  As many as fourm or as many insurance companies as India work, irda was manufactured to keep them in control.

 What is IRDA

 IRDA's full form insurance regulatory and development authority irda today controls insurance, insurance advisory commetii etc.  The main headquarter telgana of IRDA is in Hyderabad.  Its persent chairmen is chandra Srivastava.  Talking about IRDA, it is a kind of body.  IRDA regulates the insurance sector.  IRDA is headquartered in Telegana, Hyderabad.  The authority in IRDA is 10 people.

 1 Chairman

 5 Full Time Member

 4 Part Time Member

 Whatever people are appointed in IRDA are done by the Government of India.

 Irda's main job is to work on setvet issue, power of read new, modify, withdraw, sunspent and cancel the registration based on Section 14 Act of 1999.  It is the responsibility of Irda to cancel the registration of any company.


 1 Terms of Policy

 In this, you can insure 50 lack by giving 20 rupees per day.

 2 Whole life insurance

 You can take advantage of this policy for up to 100 years.  exp Umang Jeevan

 3 Endowment Insurance Policy

 This is an AC policy in which you pay monthly, half yearly, yearly etc.  And after some time you get the money thrown back.


 Exaltation, life benefits.

 4 Money Back Insurance Policy

 This is an AC policy in which you get money back time to time after 5 years.  The kuj kuj persent of your money is returned.


 Jeevan Tarun, Insurance Savings, Jeevan Shiromani.

 5 Ulip

 6 Chilldren Policy

 This is more beneficial for policy bacho.

 7 Retirement Plan

 This is the kind of insurance plan that you can take along with your job.  Which you get at the time of retirement.  exp - new life fund.

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