What is Mutual Funds and How its Work

 What Is Mutual Fund

What is a mutual fund  And how much return we get in this.  From what else is the inveatment scheme, how is it deffrance and how does it work.  What is a mutual fund, you must have heard the name of the share market, people invest in it.  So you people will have to go and see that there is so much market and the company has to buy their share and if you have bought it then you know whether it is up or down tomorrow.  up, you can make money from it.  If it is down, then it is your loss.  So what happens in the mutual fund that there is a whole company called acid managment and what they do is that they collect money from small investors like you have to invest 500 rupees, in this way they collect money, then the whole collect  If the money comes to a company, then they invest money by collecting money in such a big company in the share market.  It is beneficial that mutual funds invest in different companies.  Mutual fund invests this money in different industries, such as half the money in agriculture, half of it will invest in different things in education industory, and after that, after deducting 2 to 3 percent of the money that will come back to them.  Will give the money back  The advantage of investing in mutual funds is that they know which will be shared up and which will be down, because they have a well-known manager.  And they invest that way.  Suppose the mutual fund has 100 100 500 500 to 100 crore money, then it will be put in different industries.  And if a stock goes into their loss, then they already have experts, they only put money on seeing it.  And the money that has been lost, he can invest in another company's stock and get it harvested.

 You will return your money after deducting a few percent of the money that will come to them.  So there are all the companies in India that invest in mutual funds.  And it tells that we will give you so much return after so many days.

 To invest in mutual funds, you have to think long term.  If you invest in mutual fund for 4 to 5 years, then money will be added to the money.  That is, the money will double.  And the risk in this is reduced slightly because it already has experts who invest money.  Investing money in different markets according to different shares.  And bring you a good return.  It also has 2 3 catagory, one comes in equity, it happens that all the stock markets are there, they invest money in it.  One is adept, there will be money on government bond.  You will lose less than the amount of return in bonding.  Because it has less risk factor bhut.  You can withdraw anytime after investing money in mutual fund.

 In this, you can withdraw your money by giving a request form and this money comes to your bank account in 2 to 3 days.  Out of this, you can also take the entire fund or keep a few percent in it.

 Mutual fund is right because the whole company is sitting.  It depends on your money.  Because they will invest your money on the good company and after deducting a few percent of the profit from it, you will get your money back.  And it is your responsibility to decide which company has given so much return in how much time.  Because there are also many agents.  Which says that we will open your account in mutual fund.

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