PM’s Crop Insurance Scheme

 Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme

Scheme for farmers

 - crop insurance scheme

 -One nation one scheme

 - In this scheme there is no difference between any farmer in the country.  Everyone is treated equally.

 - will replace existing 2 scheme- "national agriculuture scheme & modified NAIS" This 2 scheme was still running.  They will be replaced.  Any new insurance scheme comes only then.  When there is some instrument in the existing scheme.

 Insurance means insurance.

 - Be aware of the first thing you are insuring.  Because bhut farmers do not know that any scheme is going on for them.

 According to the data that came so far, only 19 percent of the farmers are aware of it.

 The second thing that was financial institunal was very low.  Now even if someone wants to get insurance, he will go and get it done.

 - The third thing is when will there be any loss in the crop.

 Now Major was outdated to instractor it.  Farmers were not able to insure well with whatever scheme of Nais was going on till this time.  So it was not able to detect the farmers at all.  And in a way gathering data was becoming smoother.

 Because insaurance used to take 50 to 60 days to claim.

 Earlier in 1985, the Congress government launched a similar crop scheme.  Which is known as cropihensiv scheme.  The government which was in 1997-98 launched this scheme ccsi.  And it lasted for one year and instead launched the nais scheme in 1999.  The scheme started when Rajiv ghandhi was the Prime Minister.  And then in 2010 its revised version NAIS was brought.

 Objective of Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme

 TO provide ibsurance coverage & financial support to farmers in event of failure of any notified crop.

 As a result of natural calamitics, peatisides, discasc

 Etc. If there is any kind of loss, i nsurance coverage to the farmer.

 - This will stabilize their income.

 - This will help all those farmers who are leaving farming.  If the farmers get insurance, then they will be more aakrashit towards farming.  And if we use modern technology in farming, then their income will also be stable and income will also double.

 HIGHTLIGHT of the scheme-

 - uniform premium to be paid by farmers

 - 2% kharif crop

 -1.5% Rabi crop

 -5% agriculture & horticuluture crop

 To balance premium to be paid by government no upper limit

 - use of tecnologics to capture, data of crop, cutting

 - exp for service tax liability.

 - Ensure (75% -80%) subsidy for farmer in insurance premium.

 - Post harvest loses will also be covered.

 - Will also cover farmers that haven 't taken loan.

 There was a limit in NAIS that if there is a loss, then the government will be able to give so much love for that loss.

 But there is no AC upper limit in this scheme.

 Earlier, tecnology had outdated instrature in the scheme, which was crop data, it was difficult to do all the things.

 Under this scheme, the farmers who have not taken loan can also take advantage of this scheme.

 In Rbi's financial report, it was said that linking loan to insurance is not correct at all.  Because there is already a load of privet sector on it.

 - Extra point

 - private insurance companies along with agricultural insurance comapny of india lmt.  Will implement the scheme.

 - Over the next 5 year, 145 million heclare cropped area will be covered.

 - China (75million), USA (125 million)

 - In sync with government objective to double farmer income by 2022.

 Therefore, our Government of India is also taking steps in this direction.

 The income of the farmer should be doubled by 2022.

 This scheme is being introduced to take steps in the same direction.

 previous scheme

 PREMIUM rates were much higher in NAIS and MNAIS.  10 percent 12 percent

 There is no upper limit in this scheme.  Post harvest will be covered in this scheme which was not in the previous scheme.

 Localosed risk is also covered in this scheme which was not there before.  exp - landslide

 Use of tecnology is mandatory in this.  Was not intended before.

 Awarness is available under this scheme.

 It was not there before.


 - currently coverage stands 23%, government Aims 50%, lack of awareness needs to be tackled.

 - crop insurance scheme sector is marred by frauds need to take care of these.

 - center & state financial liability is catimated to go up.

 - Exclusion of farmers needs to be tackled.

 - Since compensation will be paid dorectlly to farmers account.  There is need to establiah financial infrastrual.

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